After months of joyous business planning, plotting and brain straining, we are both pretty stoked to launch the official Beacon Strategies website. And so begins our journey of applying ourselves to pieces of work that we truly believe need to be done. We can apply ourselves with unbridled enthusiasm to the big issues without being weighed down by the things that don’t actually improve people’s lives. In other words, ‘getting shit done’. Exciting times ahead.

Momentum has been slowly building for some time around social innovation and new ways of thinking and we believe that there is no time like the present to attempt to shape what this looks like over the next few years.  We feel that there is a major paradigm shift occurring across the sectors responsible for human existence and an undercurrent that is moving away from government centered processes. We are swimming with the undercurrent toward shaping our own futures.

At the core of what we are looking to achieve is that health, inclusion and opportunity are directly linked to the social determinants of where we are born, grow, live and work. We are a direct reflection of our biological foundations, physical and social environment and experiences. To affect positive change, we are aiming to innovatively address inequalities in employment, housing, education and health by fostering community inclusion.   To have a look at what we stand for, have a click on ‘about us’.

Over the coming weeks, months and years we will be pursuing opportunities to research and deliver innovative projects in addition to working with like-minded organisations to increase opportunities, economic participation and health for all.  We look forward to you following us on our journey.

Beacon Strategies: we are a mission-based health and social services consultancy committed to supporting organisations to effectively plan, design, implement and evaluate their projects and services.

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