You might have noticed things have been a bit quiet on the Beacon Blog over the last few months. We haven't been sitting on our hands - we have been fortunate to work with a number of organisations, big and small, in helping them to achieve their goals. We've been learning a bit along the way and as a result, it is time for a slight progression of the Beacon business model.

We are typically engaged by community organisations to assist with service design - which is the process of taking an idea and turning it into a program model that is based on evidence (e.g. academic research, statistics, consultation). We love doing this work as it becomes clear quite quickly how the idea has the potential to generate social impact. But the more of this front-end work that we do, we realise there is a role that we can play in helping organisations with the back-end. In effect, helping community organisations with 'how' they do things, not just 'what' they do.

Community organisations are made up of people that are passionate, hard-working and committed to improving the lives of their communities. The nature of working in the sector is that many organisations spend a significant amount of time and intellectual horsepower on delivering services. Time is spent going from one funding submission to the next seeking that next vital pool of funds. And many organisations have to cease crucial service delivery because a funding contract has ended and there is no sustainability component to the model. These challenges are common throughout the sector, and tackling them is a task that requires organisations to review how they do things.

We see this as an opportunity for business development, which in our eyes is the art of finding new and better ways of doing things. Our BD service offering spans some of these important aspects of a mature social-business model:

  • scanning and monitoring the funding landscape
  • service model planning and design
  • organisational capability assessment and development
  • innovation and social enterprise
  • partnership-building and co-locating service delivery
  • community engagement and marketing
  • social impact evaluation at the organisation-level 
  • strategic planning and leader engagement.

We have launched an updated website that reflects our new service streams, as well as looking a bit easier on the eye. We will be doing more targeted marketing and engagement over the next few months. We are genuinely excited about what the future holds.

If you have any feedback or comments, or if you're interested in hearing more about what we can offer, please get in touch through 

Having a successful business model and strong business practices is relevant in all sectors, including the not-for-profit sector.

Business success will mean different things for different community services organisations, but it’s likely to include high quality services, highly satisfied customers, capacity to adapt and grow and achievement of outcomes. To achieve business success, organisations will require financially viable business models, strategic governance and leadership and fit-for-purpose staffing models.

About Beacon Strategies - we are a mission-based health and social services consultancy committed to supporting organisations to effectively plan, design, implement and evaluate their projects and services.

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