Did you know that less than half of the people working in the Australian not-for-profit sector report that they receive formal professional development opportunities?

But, data shows that those organisations that develop their staff have a more effective and capable workforce, higher levels of performance, and make a greater social impact.

We proudly work alongside clients in a diverse range of sectors and organisation types. Our consulting approach involves applying a structured and logical process to help organisations define problems and contribute to solutions that lead to positive social change. We’ve recently spent some time reflecting on the important concepts, the practical tools and the little secrets to success that we use in our work to share these with organisations to build their own capability.

The result is a series of short, low-cost and high-value workshops to support people working in the health and social services sector to better plan, design, implement and evaluate programs.

We recently partnered with Ipswich City Council to improve and refresh the knowledge and skills of staff working with local communities to create positive social impact. The training focused on:

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Across sectors such as health, housing, employment support, community development and disability services, we are committed to supporting organisations who seek to build the skills and knowledge of their staff through in-service training and process improvement. We are also actively exploring the delivery of a series of public workshops for those working in these sectors later in 2018.

If you’re interested in either of these opportunities or would like to learn more about our training and development service offering, please reach out via email to info@beaconstrategies.net.