Our approach to business development

Our approach to health and social sector business development generally begins with developing and articulating your service and project ideas through a design methodology. After developing an evidence-based model, we work alongside your organisation to match your service and project ideas to the right funding opportunity, while building the capability of your organisation to support good practice.

Take the time to meaningfully develop your ideas. Hiring a grant or tender writer can be problematic if they don't have a good understanding of your business. A tender or grant application should be the product of a robust development process.

design and Plan your service and project ideas


We support your organisation by refining your innovative ideas into tangible business cases and/or service models that are ready for the right funding opportunity. This ensures that when the right funding opportunity arises, the hard work is already done. We use evidence reviews, community consultation, population profiling and needs assessments, and service mapping. 

Match your ideas to funding opportunities

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build the capability and readiness of your organisation

We support your organisation to successfully and sustainably achieve its vision. We will work with you on:

  • reviewing organisational maturity and performance

  • strategic planning

  • staff development and mentoring

  • partnerships and collaboration

  • market research

  • social enterprise.

After developing your project or service ideas we work to identify suitable opportunities for your organisation to secure funding including grants, tenders, partnerships, direct approaches and crowdfunding. Our approach is more than just grant or tender writing—we provide end-to-end business development support by providing you with a funding pipeline.

We can help your organisation strengthen its processes, develop your service and project ideas and match your ideas to funding opportunities!

Reach out to us for an obligation-free conversation about how we can support meet your funding goals.

Email: info@beaconstrategies.net

Phone: (07) 3180 3870

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