Do good things and talk about it! It sounds pretty basic right? But so often organisations don’t capture, use or strategically plan effective communications. From Board-level through to volunteers, understanding an organisation's key messages and approach to communications will help you strengthen your brand, build a customer or client base and position your organisation for success.

Communication Fundamentals will help you understand who your audience is, how to craft key messages and what channels are best to reach them. In addition, we will cover stakeholder engagement, developing a content calendar and ensuring the entire organisation takes ownership of your message.

You will receive a Communication Fundamentals handbook which includes a summary of all the workshop content and templates to use for your communication planning.

We encourage workshop participants to stick around after the session to network over complimentary tea, coffee, beer or wine. Networking with other like-minded people and organisations is a great way to share learnings.

What you can expect to learn in the workshop

  • How to craft key messages, why this is important and how to roll them out across your organisation

  • Writing using an inverted pyramid making sure you capture the key information for time poor readers

  • Understanding and analysing your stakeholders to ensure your message resonates – this includes internal and external stakeholders – staff, government, media, clients and more

  • Analysing communication channels – internal vs. external channels or one way vs. two way channels. We will discuss the pros and cons of each and when to use them

  • Content development and planning, ensuring your communication is relevant and aligned to organisation strategies and operational targets

  • How to implement a communications strategy to reach a specified outcome

  • How to understand data, report and set communications KPIs

Who should attend the workshop?

Communications officers, project officers, senior managers, board members – pretty much anyone within an organisation who has an interest or stake in improving how their organisation communicates about the work they do.

Workshop format

Expect the workshop to be highly interactive and fun. You will use real life examples from within your organisation to complete the activities within your workbook.

The take home workbook will include notes, templates and practical examples that you can use when planning communications back in your workplace.

There will be a short break for afternoon tea during the session (included).

Workshop participants are invited to stick around for light refreshments after the workshop at Beacon HQ to connect and network with fellow learners (included).

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