Need a Meeting or working Space?

All of our meeting rooms provide a relaxed and comfortable environment to meet and collaborate—whether you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur seeking a short-term venue, or working in a big organisation and looking to get off-site. We welcome a broad range of users to come in and access our space but are particularly interested in connecting with people working in the health and social services sectors (wherever and whatever that may be).


The Boardroom

The Boardroom provides capacity for up to 14 people to meet. Guests can use the 65 inch TV with ability to stream from your laptop, phone or tablet. The boardroom is perfect for planning days, workshops or larger meetings.


The Meeting Room

The Meeting Room provides capacity for 6 people to meet (up to 8 if required). Guests can use the TV with ability to stream from your laptop, phone or tablet. The Meeting Room is perfect for small meetings and team collaboration.


The Studio Office

The Studio Office provides capacity for up to 2 people. It offers your own private space ready for you to sit down and plug in. The Studio Office is perfect for when you need to knuckle down and do some work.

Inclusions: When booking any of our rooms you will get complimentary access to WiFi, tea and coffee, chilled water and amenities. You’ll also get to meet our awesome team!

Just let us know if you need tips on how to get here, including parking and public transport options.

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