Client: Central Queensland, Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast PHN

Project: Co-commissioning of mental health, alcohol and other drug services in the PHN environment: A five-year roadmap for the Queensland PHN CEO Working Group

Delivered: December 2017 – January 2018.

Description: The purpose of the scoping exercise was to explore the feasibility of fully implementing co-commissioning processes (co-planning, co-design and potentially co-funding) for MHAOD services within QLD within the next five years, through:

  • describing the existing co-commissioning landscape at a policy level

  • summarising consultation undertaken with Queensland PHN representatives

  • presenting implementation guidance for the QLD PHN CEOs working group

  • mapping a potential way forward for co-commissioning activities for QLD PHNs

  • being a key point of reference for any related project activity in the future

The main findings of the consultation and horizon scanning process were:

  • co-commissioning is worth pursuing and is strongly supported at the policy level and within key PHN MHAOD staff

  • Queensland PHNs have approached funding MHAOD services in a variety of ways, resulting in the need for diverse co-commissioning approaches to achieve success

  • Queensland PHNs are at different stages of readiness and willingness to implement co-commissioning approaches, but steps can still be taken across QLD.

  • engagement at a senior level is required to progress co-commissioning conversations with other MHAOD service funders across QLD

  • MHAOD services commissioned by Queensland PHNs vary in readiness and applicability for co-commissioning. Program areas that are ‘co-commissioning ready’ should be tested immediately while other program areas require deeper scoping.

  • The 5th Mental Health Plan mandated integrated regional plan is a prime opportunity to progress co-commissioning approaches with diverse funders. A coordinated approach across QLD service funders is needed to achieve system change.

  • Queensland PHNs lack full visibility of other funded MHAOD services in their respective regions. Through senior engagement, duplication of services and opportunities for co-commissioning can be identified.

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