Client: Footprints

Project: Clinical governance framework refresh

Background: Beacon Strategies was engaged by Footprints, a mental health, disability and aged care service provider, to refresh its clinical governance framework. Based on a scan of leading practice and consultation with clinical staff, we supported Footprints to enhance its existing clinical governance systems, ensuring the continued delivery of services that are safe, effective, high quality and person-centred. 

Objectives: The clinical governance framework refresh set out to deliver:

  1. a review of the current framework and provision of recommended changes: Beacon Strategies conducted a review of Footprints’ current clinical governance framework and mapped this against a high-level evidence review of guiding policies, standards and frameworks. We consulted with key staff members in clinical roles to ensure clinical input into the review process and to collect perspectives relating to suitability, comprehensiveness and utility of the current framework. Information captured from desktop review and consultation informed recommendations for strengthening the clinical governance framework into the future.

  2. a draft updated clinical governance framework: Beacon Strategies revised and updated the existing clinical governance framework, articulating the systems, responsibilities and processes that underpin Footprints’ delivery of safe, high quality and effective services. The framework aligned with relevant national standards and guidelines and considered practice components such as governance and management, safety and quality, performance and effectiveness, risk management, and consumer/carer engagement. The framework was designed to align to Footprints’ values and strategic documents, with the aim of being a practical tool to drive consistency in delivering leading practice across all Footprints programs and services.

  3. presentation findings to internal stakeholders: Beacon Strategies will present the final version of the clinical governance framework to relevant Footprints management/staff, and support discussion about implementation and change management steps.

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