Client: Open Minds

Project: Evaluation of Open Minds’ CHIME Program

Delivered: July 2018 – September 2018

Description: The purpose of this project was to evaluate the CHIME program, an Open Minds program that aims to support people living with a severe and persistent mental illness and receiving treatment as an inpatient of a mental health unit to live in the community and avoid hospital re-admission. The evaluation assessed program outcomes against specific criteria to determine overall program performance.

Queensland Health funds the CHIME service in multiple regions across Queensland. As Hospital and Health Services (HHS) are major beneficiaries of the program’s outcomes, Open Minds undertook an evaluation of the outcomes of the CHIME service model in order to demonstrate the benefits of continuing to fund the provision of the program.

Based on the context above, Beacon Strategies supported Open Minds with an evaluation that aimed to:

  • increase understanding of the outcomes of the CHIME program for clients, Open Minds and other stakeholders (outcome evaluation)

  • increase understanding of the factors that underpin successful delivery of the CHIME program (process evaluation)

  • demonstrate the impact of the service model to funding providers and inform options for refining, replicating and scaling (recommendations)

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